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Project Description
The .NET ServiceToolkit is a collection of helper components for working with WCF in service-oriented application scenarios. It contains the DataTransferObjectManager, a component to automatically map entity objects to DTO's.

Typical Scenarios
The DataTransferObjectManager can be used in service oriented applications to map entity objects to DTO, in rich or web clients to map entity objects to ViewModels (e.g. in ASP.NET MVC or in WPF / Silverlight using the MVVM pattern) and in AJAX applications to map entity objects to WS-Contracts or REST-Models.

Although the development of the Service Toolkit has been suspended for a couple of months, there are quite some features that will be added in a while:
  • DataTransferObjectManager will support synchronization between entity and DTO objects. This feature will include ObjectSync, ArraySync, ListSync and DictionarySync to allow a much more convenient behavior when updating the entity layer with DTO's.
  • DataTransferObjectManager will support factories and retrieval methods.
  • DataTransferObjectManager will support MappingAttributes for conversions, default include and excluse lists and other advanced behavior.
  • DataTransferObjectManager will get a fluent API interface to define property paths.
  • DataTransferObjectManager will be able to use a caching layer for higher performance.
  • DataTransferObjectManager will be integrated with WCF Data Services and WCF RIA Services.

For more information visit my website (although I'm currently moving to a new server system, so stay tuned...).

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